Independent Escort

Shropshire * Staffordshire * Birmingham * West Midlands


M54 J 3/4/5


Telford * Wolverhampton * Birmingham * West Midlands

Own Home  * Rural Location * Private *  Discreet Parking *

      (nearest neighbour 1/4 mile)

Welcome to
Stephanies Domain




MMHello Mistress I have an urge to visit a strict Barber. That would be your self , dressed in smart white shirt and necktie and skirt. I enter your salon and you show me to the chair. When I sit down you tie me to the chair then place a haircutting cape tightly round my neck and with clippers shave my head. I can supply the hair cape and clippers if you wish. If you don't have a shirt and tie I will also provide such. After my hair cut I require a caning from you please Ma'am. Hope you can accomodate me with this wish. Please let me know what tribute you require. Thank you foster

Stephany. Got your contact from your website. I will be in your area of the UK later in the year and your site was mercifully free of the "posing" of some other sites. I am interested in having an hour session of face sitting while I wear some babywear (which I will provide). I might be brave and ask if you could also push my head into a toilet old fantasy of mine. I realise you don't discuss things in detail by email, however could you let me know if it is worth my while contacting you given what I am wanting. Also, I will be on holidays at the time and will need to know how much such a session will cost. Many thanks


MHello I think I contacted you already, but I'll try once again a little more strait forward this time. I'm looking for an open-minded dominant women who would enjoy trampling on me. I love being stepped on with heels & stomped on by beautiful women's stocking feet on my face & privates. I adore the aroma of women's dirty feet. I also enjoy my member crushed against the floor. If you would be interested in meeting respond. I've seen quite a few women for This fetish of mine & most are squeamish when it comes to the face. They say it's all good at first contact, when it comes down to it they act like they're walking on broken glass. I want someone who this won't bother. I ask for nothing more, wear what your comfortable in. I do have a thing for nylons & pretty much any type of shoe. Thank you. Ray M









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