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Own Home  * Rural Location * Private *  Discreet Parking *

      (nearest neighbour 1/4 mile)

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I can assure you that this is a very safe and discreet location and I'm very genuine.





        A Little Bit About Me

I am  a mature Independent Escort having long blonde hair, sparkling green eyes 5'4  and 40DD - 28 - 36  with a fantastic sense of humour - one needs to have with my profession! I have many humorous stories

I can assure you I have a warm engaging personality  being well educated, discreet, genuine and  polite with impeccable manners.

I originate from Hertfordshire moving to the West Midlands about 22 years ago - discovering my new profession 4 years later.

I had always been fascinated with this very misunderstood part of life -  like most of the general population, believing it to be seedy, grubby nod-nod -wink-wink dirty raincoat  brigade couldn't be further from the truth!




You will see towards the bottom I've tried to explain what various fetishes are - I'm always being asked about this subject so thought I would tell you a little bit about another 'not understood subject!

   My Profession

~ Where would people be without lovely ladies like me ~     

Like everything in life there are good and bad with everything - I class myself as being genuine, friendly compassionate, well educated and being able to hold a good conversation taking great pride in the way I offer all of my services. I do have a varied clientele  with those who are single, separated, divorced widowed and lonely but don't wish to look for another relationship. An awful lot are totally nagged at home plus of course the dreaded mother-in-law scenario! 


Some gentlemen  would agree that finding a little corner of the world that is totally safe and discreet is just like having their 'cake & eating it'  rather then being unhappy beginning affairs, one night stands is definitely a big no - no fearing being found out and having their B.....ks thrust down to the tummy via the throat!   


I discovered a whole new world meeting clients for all manner of things.  If you would care to browse through my various pages you will find that my services are not just massage! - Discovering the  fetish scene was quite mind boggling at first - some of the things I've been asked to do - totally priceless!


I see many who have certain fetishes but cannot carry them out at home as their wives / partners would completely freak out! Plus some of my client's do have fetishes that wives / partners are fully aware of and are quite happy for them to carry them out with myself!  To be able to perhaps cross dress in their car then on arrival come clip clopping down my pathway tottering on size 12 stilettoes' probably bought from E-bay  wearing a full length ball gown with long blonde Dolly Parton wig with a FULL BEARD!! - not exactly the sensible attire with neighbours  or the wife being away for a few days - thinking all is private  to have the in-laws or best friends suddenly turning up for a quick 'cuppa'  with you feeling totally mortified and guests not knowing what on earth to say!


This actually did happen to one of my clients, whereby the wife was visiting friend for a weekend, he was sitting in the lounge all dressed in his lingerie, wig, tossing himself off while watching a porn film and who should suddenly come in the by the back door was the wife's friend - not realising she was away - she just said Ooops! sorry then went! He dreaded meeting her again  - he was traumatised all week!   


Many of my clients live on their own being  Widowed - Separated - Divorced - Single with no wish to be in a committed  relationship


My aim has always been  to write my autobiography the title being


***  Call Me Kate  ***   


Well I started my book a couple of months ago! I hope to find publisher who would be interested and taking it on.  A lot of books by various celebrities will usually find a ''Ghost Writer'' who will do it for them - mine is written by myself.  Never having written  a book before I'm finding  it  quite surreal and absorbing! 



*** My Ideal Person   ~~~~   My Cliental is Select ***       

The ideal person for me is firstly very respective - interested in atmosphere,

compatibility and attraction.

The service I provide for the affluent and discerning gentlemen is first-class.

I like the clientele  I see to have good personal hygiene - I do have shower facilities available if required for clients to freshen up and relax getting away from life's everyday hassles and irritations. Take some time out of your busy schedule from everyday stresses treat yourself to some engaging and pleasurable company

I have a warm engaging personality being well educated, discreet, polite with impeccable manners. I offer most regular personal services plus I also offer a Dominatrix service for those who are interested - spanking, caning, bondage and lingerie cross dressing. I like the people who I see to have good personal hygiene - I do have shower facilities available if required for clients to freshen up and relax getting away from life's everyday hassles and irritations. Take some time out of your busy schedule from everyday stresses treat yourself to some engaging and pleasurable company. I will relax you with my Aromatherapy lavender and soft music. I'm quite used to clients arriving to see me who have never visited a lady such as myself before, arriving feeling rather nervous and rather awkard - I can assure you that as a '' people person'' I do have a very calming effect on clients making you feel very relaxed very soon! probably from my nursing days from years ago! I am always being told I have magic hands to sooth you!

My Turn On's

Impeccable manners & respect

Someone who is driven and intelligent with stimulating conversation

Well groomed with a dash of fabulous after shave

My Turn Offs

Bad manners, bad language, negativity & poor hygiene           

Clients who make appointments and not turn up - infuriating and

Just a quick email or phone call cancelling an appointment would be so nice - if they can make an appointment then it's only manners to email / phone to cancel

Bad Manners!



Arriving with BO trying to hide the aroma with half a can of deodorant smelling like cow dung!          

I do not have many age restrictions of my clientele but they must be of a class that

respects women - Please be a gentleman!

I have a fantastic sense of humour and and my sharp wit usually wins over the most jaded of gentlemen!

Unlike a lot of massage parlours who don't usually offer appointments you just turn, up if there is another client being attended to then you have to wait in a room sometimes joining other gentlemen who are also waiting - not very discreet and rather seedy plus appointments are mostly for around 20 mn then someone will knock on the door telling you that your time is up - I can assure you that I'm right at the other end of the spectrum!
I only see clients strictly by appointment


Please take time to browse through my pages - lots to tempt you

So let your fingers do the walking

and give me a call!





For those interested in some wonderful humour!

In my professional world my role model has to be

The One & Only

*** Cynthia Payne ***

Snippets from her film

Inspired by the real experiences

***  Personal Services  ***

The story of the rise of a wonderful high class madame of a classy

suburban brothel in Streatham catering to older professional men!


Examples of the Humour!

Julie Walter's portrayal of Cynthia Paine in her film 'Personal Services', down to the accent that slight nasal twang. After being asked about her profession I understand her reply was

"I used to run a brothel in London but it all became all too tawdry so I gave it up"

I was in absolute awe & I don't do 'awe' easily   It kind'a made my previous career in healthcare so so tame! In her film she come's across a  wonderful lady 


Unexpectedly moving, hilarious, and at times very, very dirty! This film is inspired  the life of Cynthia Payne  One of the most notorious madame's in Britain's history Yes my role model - She's fantastic!.


Julie Walters is brilliant as a woman who evolves from a waitress struggling to make her rent, to be a successful businesswoman running a brothel having Dolly her transvestite maid -  that caters  to "kinky sorts" - through all of it, she raises a son, forces her father to come to terms with the person his daughter has become, and has difficulty with the "Charles and Diana story" ideal of love that she can never find for herself. 


Perhaps the greatest quality of this film, though, is its ability to shock at every turn - just when you thought you'd seen just how honestly funny kinky sex can be, think again.. You will never look at (Shirley Stelfox) Edna from Emmerdale the same again in this film Popazogalu anyone!


Cynthia had a wonderful maid called Dolly!

On catching her TV maid of a  number of years on the toilet  she discovered  she was a Transvestite!


They had gone to a wedding  of someone - I forget who -  Dolly wanted to go to the toilet Cynthia went with her. Taking rather long time she bent down to look under the door saying

''Dolly whatever are you doing in there''

then saying

''Dolly -  You've  got a Willy - All these years and I never knew!

''Bend over let's have another look! ''

Another day

Dolly - ''Madam you have a client in the lounge is waiting for Golden Showers''

''But doesn't want to get too wet''
Cynthia - '' Well tell him to go and buy a bloody umbrella''
This has to be one of my all-time favourite films. It's an absolute gem of British film-making.  There are so many hilarious lines and scenes in it would be tough to single out just one. But it also has real poignancy, always a mark of a great production. I don't usually quote from uploads but damnit I will here ! "He wants golden rain Mistress then wants a good spanking finally to be crossed dressed" He was brought into her room got undressed  spanking his arse off  saying ''THAT'S for the Inland-bloody-Revenue"  and  seen him wearing a dress and red lipstick she said  "You do look just like Dracula's bloody daughter dressed like that"

Of course if you have seen this film you 'may remember & savour the wonderful scene towards the end of the film where she's arrested for non payment of tax chatting with the 'elderly' sergeant in the cell & the smug vice officer pops his head round the cell door & proclaims,"You're going to go down for this" to which she retorts,


" I only go down for a price & I doubt YOU could afford it"  giving a haughty sniff like he's a bad smell under her shoe!




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