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Transvestite & Transsexual clients are very welcome! Whether you are accustomed to wearing

soft slinky lingerie or an inquisitive novice I can offer a very relaxing lingerie cross dress

service. Why not combine this with one of my sensual massages -I also offer most

personal services. Whatever your choice I am sure you will enjoy your time

spent with me!         

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She Male


She Male


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I offer a very discreet lingerie cross dressing service for my Tv's,

Some cross-dresser's have periodically disposed of all their

clothing a practise called"purging" only to start another

collection  later!


TVs', Newbies & The Many Curious!

Over the past years I have met a great number of clients who enjoy cross dressing for

various reasons and many still come back time and time again. Many a Transvestite's

(TV's) who love dressing in both lingerie and full cross dressing make over

For those who are interested you will see below I've given some really

enlightening information about cross - dressing as many just 

don't not understand about this little world..




Some clients arrive already dressed - going into another world to spend time in their 'female role' using their own female name though most arrive wearing their normal male clothing and change when they arrive. Some bring along their own lingerie, but for those who don't I have a good selection which they are most welcome to use.

Most of my clients are in relationships and find it very difficult finding somewhere that is both private and discreet to full fill their desire for wear pretty soft lingerie - hence the importance of my role!

Try Experimenting

Cross-dressers may begin wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex as children, using the clothes of a sibling, parent, or friend. Some parents have said they allowed their children to cross-dress and, in many cases, the child stopped when they became older. The same pattern often continues into adulthood, where there may be confrontations with a spouse. Married cross-dressers experience considerable anxiety and guilt if their spouse objects to their behaviour.

 Reason For Visiting Myself

Some partners are are fully aware of their partners / husband's desire to cross dress but insist they go to somewhere like myself rather than ' dress at home for various reasons. 

Many of my cross dressing clients have been doing this for a number of years but can only 'Cross Over' by coming to see myself for discretion -  fearing if their wife / partners would totally ''freak out''

  Transsexual Cliental

I also cater for Transsexual clients - both pre-op and post-op. Again this is where my service is a very important one. I help them to gain confidence and assist them to their transformation into becoming female.

I also cater for Newbie's who have always fantasied about wearing female lingerie but again, not having the discreet or privacy to experiment. Once again this is where I can help with this dream! Once a client has found the 'right place' for them it's rather like 'having your cake and eating it' When the appointment is over, it's back up the drive going back into the 'real world' till next time!

 A little bit about this very popular service

Cross dressers come from all walks of life and every strata of society. Spouses, parents, children and friends are cross dressers. There are no distinctions.

What is a Cross - Dresser?

"Cross-dresser" "Transvestite" or "Trans gendered Person" are terms used to describe a person who regularly takes on the appearance of the opposite sex in order to satisfy a deep personal need.We use and prefer the term "Cross-Dresser" as it is less limited and coloured by common usage.Above all, however, a Cross-dresser is a real person.

What is it like being a Cross - Dresser?

Most cross-dressers discover their need to cross-dress during childhood. They have no idea why they feel the way they do, yet quickly find that the expression of this part of their nature results in reprimand and alienation from parents, family and friends - the people they love and value the most. This can result in the development of unreasonable feelings of unhealthy personal shame.

So most Cross-Dressers become secretive about their cross dressing and, doing their best to deny and suppress this essential part of their being, grow fulfilling themselves as human being in all the other ways they can. But being a Cross Dresser doesn't "go away" any more than the essential self can ever go away. Sustained denial of the expression of this essential self can result in severe emotional disturbance.

Are Transvestites Gay?

Recent research has confirmed that most transvestites are not homosexual.

Do Transvestites want to be women?

The vast majority of male transvestites like being men. They do not feel they are women trapped in male bodies and they have no desire to become female by taking hormones or having surgery to remove their male genitals.In contrast, men who are uncomfortable about being male, or who feel they are not male inside, are said to have gender Dysphoria means a chronic feeling of discontent.If this unhappiness and discomfort at being male leads them to take steps to change gender, they are then called transsexuals.

Why do men Cross - Dress?

No one really knows why some men have this desire. Most men who cross-dress describe it as an outlet for stress, and they tend to want to dress up more during times of tension at work or at home.Some men get relief from tension simply by wearing women's lingerie (often silk) under their female clothing. These guys often go no further than that with their cross-dressing.Most transvestites, however, want to appear as female as possible in their outer garments and want to wear make-up.

Not every transvestite is a secret transvestite. The well-known medical journalist and writer Dr Vernon Coleman has often written about the enjoyment of wearing women's underwear

How to Cross - Dress

If you want to cross-dress in public you should be convincing. Many people cannot, or will not, understand why a man should want to dress as a woman, so it's important that men who do this make as good a job of it as possible.Unfortunately, many guys who cross-dress fail to look very like a real woman. As a result, people snigger when they see them and sometimes act in a very hostile way. Sadly, cross-dressing can provoke violence from stupid and aggressive males.Learning the art of dressing as a woman can make life much easier for a transvestite.Support groups can provide advice on choosing the right clothes and make-up, but start by keeping things simple.Avoid high heels, especially with sling-backs, until you have mastered walking in women's footwear. And avoid glittery cocktail dresses until you have practised moving, standing and sitting as a woman.Some shops specialise in supplying women's clothing and shoes in men's sizes and in helping men to perfect their female look. Many sell a good range of wigs.As a general rule, shop in a place that is liberal and accepting of different lifestyles. Clearly, if you live in a small town, you will excite comment if you shop for yourself in the local women's shoe or dress shop.

The Law

Cross - dressing is not an offence in the UK, even under the recent Sexual Offences Act of 2003, which contains a seemingly inexhaustible list of sexual misdemeanours. Nor is it illegal in most other western countries – though you could run into serious problems in many developing nations and the Middle East. Thirty years ago it was quite common for the British police to arrest a man who dared to go out in a dress.It is now generally accepted that if a man encounters the police while dressed as a woman he is as entitled as any other law-abiding citizen to courtesy and consideration

Loss of Income

Many families fear economic reprisals if the cross-dressing is discovered. This is not an unreasonable fear. In many job situations, the discovery of cross dressing behaviour may be cause, however unjustified, for dismissal.

What about their Wives?

Because cross - dressing is socially unacceptable, many do not tell their Wives about their cross-dressing needs. This often results in marital disharmony. Many cross-dressers are afraid that the wife will not understand and will leave upon Finding out about her husbands feminine desires. Where the wife is aware of her Husbands feminine side and has decided to accept and even assist her cross-dressing Husband in becoming more feminine the marriage has in fact been strengthened. Wives have found their cross-dressing husbands more willing to do household chores And to be more loving, sympathetic, and compassionate.

Male Cross - Dressing and Relationships

For a male cross-dresser, the desire to wear women’s clothes and take on a female persona often brings forth a mixed set of emotions. On one hand, it can be deeply refreshing and relaxing to escape into the feminine side of oneself, which may include female clothes, make-up, or other taking on any perceived feminine activity or identity. Yet, this sometimes comes with a price of feeling shamed or guilty since it is contrary to society’s stereotypical view of what a male should be. For some men, cross - dressing or the desire to cross - dress has been a long held secret struggle, resulting in symptoms such as shame, depression and frustration. If married to an unknowing  spouse or partner, things can be even more stressful. There can be a fear of unwillingly hurting one’s spouse by being honest about one’s cross - dressing feelings, and there is the fear of being abandoned if she disapproves. Yet, at the same time, cross - dressing can feel very natural, bring feelings of comfort, relaxation and peace. A potentially confusing dilemma!

Telling Other People

Should a transvestite reveal to his friends, family or even his partner that he is a cross-dresser?This has to be done very carefully.Many transvestites feel frustrated that they have to keep this part of their personality a secret, and sometimes their frustration erupts and leads to very sudden and unwise confessions in the workplace. But many colleagues are simply not ready to hear that Gerry becomes Geraldine at weekends.

Many men do tell their partners, and some of these partners enter into the spirit of the whole thing and actually help their men to dress as women. These guys are very lucky as their partners frequently stop them from making horrendous style mistakes.

One of us interviewed such a couple on a television programme called 'The Good Sex Guide Late'. This husband and wife in their 30's used to go out clubbing together as 'sisters' - heavily made-up and dressed in party clothes.The wife really liked her husband's alter ego and said that his female side was so sensitive and loving that sharing it had enriched their marriage. But few women are as happy with their man's transvestite Behaviour as she was

Shame, fear and loneliness find expression in thought with such questions as - "Would my best friends, work mates, family, father / mother, wife / partner and my children still want me and love me if they knew this part of me or would they reject me with scorn or fear?"

Here are some useful tips from a genuine cross dresser of many years I hope you will find both interesting and useful


 Buy one camisole or better, buy two: one in black and another in white. I own a half dozen because they can solve so many personal wardrobe dilemmas.   To compliment most of your outfits, buy one gold coloured  set of jewellery (earrings, necklace, bracelet) and one silver      

                                Your Wig                                           

''Style is your choice, but buy the most expensive synthetic wig you can afford. Inexpensive wigs look like wigs, whereas expensive wigs look like real hair. One of the nicest compliments I ever received was when a woman thought my expensive wig was my real hair ''

             Panty Girdle             

''A panty girdle serves two purposes: (1) it shapes your lower torso into a more feminine shape and (2) it allows you to hide your male parts. I tried a gaff to achieve the latter, but discovered that it was very uncomfortable and that my male parts would escape frequently and require attention. The panty girdle did a much better job keeping those parts in place and was much more comfortable. By the way, if you favour short skirts (like me), wear a brief panty girdle rather than a long leg panty girdle, so that your girdle is less likely to show''


While often confused with the cross-dresser, transsexuals are NOT considered to be cross-dressers. Unlike cross-dressers who recognise themselves as males with a Feminine part to them, the transsexual is a person who is psychologically a member Of one sex, and physiologically a member of the opposite sex. Unlike the cross-dresser, the transsexual cannot be content unless the physiological body is Surgically altered to be congruent with the psychological person who occupies that body. While cross - dressing for personality expression is far more common in Masculine to feminine form, transsexualism is about equally common in female to male as it is in male to female

What Is A She-Male

She-Males often turn to surgery or hormonal treatments to enhance their bodies to ensure that they look as feminine as possible. Unlike Transwomen, She-Males maintain their male genitalia. By this token, shemales are often considered as Multisexual. They can engage in romantic or sexual relationships with heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, or transvestites.



Some real  email's to share


Hi  Steph

I saw your website - great stuff - I'm in your area tomorrow - could we meet after 3.00 for an hour - nearer 3 the better. My favourite fantasies are  being forced to make me  wear lingerie and then being laughed at - very humiliating!  Then with you pretending to be a stern Aunt and me being your naughty Nephew. I'd be late teens and a bit wild. Aunt is stern and overpowering - takes me by the ear, pulls my hair maybe. I'm quite lippy - answers back, swears etc  - hence the mouth soaping - I'll bring my own soap because I have had mild allergic reactions in the past). Aunt makes me change into pyjamas and the punishes me 1st on the seat of the PJ bottoms, then pulls them down for a really hard spanking. I'd hope to be red and stinging afterwards but any marks have to be such that they're gone in a few days. I love OTK - on a classic straight backed chair. Also I like to have the backs of my thighs smacked as well. Corner time, mouth soaping for swearing, scolding etc Looking forward to hearing from you Theo x

Hi Madame

I have picked up your details and you seem to be a very nice lady. I am a 60 year old businessman seeking relaxation from the stress of life. I have a lifelong love and fetish which is I want to be a housewife/maid. I love to wear a 60's type frock and frilly pinny, and to be ridiculed and mildly chastised. For many years I visited a lady monthly and carried out menial tasks dressed in my aprons etc. Sadly she has moved to Scotland so I am seeking another outlet. I am reliable and very obedient and happy to be in the company of others when dressed in housemaid mode. Do you think I am worth seeing? If so please give me an indication of your fees etc and what sot of tasks I could undertake. Thanks and Regards Housewife Joan

Hello Dear Madame

Just so you know this is a genuine inquiry I've just never done anything like this before,so apologies if i ramble or go on too much. my name is "Kelly" I'm a cross dresser who is very much in the closet but have recently begun looking into dressing services, while searching the Internet i came across your site and figured there was no harm in making an inquiry. I've been dressing in secret all my life, I'm 37, married with 2 kids, my wife knows i have a few odd fetishes -  tights, which I'm obsessed with, swimming costumes/ leotards which she will indulge me every now and again but has no idea to the extent i wish to dress and be feminine. I wouldn't say i could pass but I'm small ,a 6 to 10 and have no facial hair, more than anything i want to spend some time dressed as a woman with a woman and have a certain amount of intimacy. I just wandered if this is something you could offer and for how much, I have my own clothes and shoes and have my own wig, oh yes and I'm very clean :) i hope to hear from you soon and again I'm sorry if this is far too much information I Look forward to hearing back from you spoon. Love  'Kelly'

Hi Steph

We have not met but I found your website a few months ago and have been plucking up courage to contact you, I did try both your phone lines earlier this afternoon but there was no answer. My name is Will [sometimes Rachel], I am a married 60 year old cross dresser and I have been cross dressing from a young age, however these last couple of years it has become more serious and includes dresses, shoes, breast forms, wigs and make up [need some help with that]. I realise it is short notice but would it be possible to visit you tomorrow afternoon for 2 hours, I live near Oswestry and could be with you for about 1.30 You can either return email [preferable] or phone Kind regards, Will/Rachel

Hello Stephanie

I've just found your website and have got rather excited. This is a genuine enquiry about visiting you in the future. I'm a 'secret' transvestite in my mid 50's but I am very limited in what I can do and when I can get dressed. I'm happily married. I've tried a couple of dressing services but I find them a bit restrictive. Can I explain my little fantasy and ask would you be willing to do this ? I'd like to be helped to get dressed, bra, corset etc then blouse and skirt. I have all my own clothes, inc boobs and wig. I'd then love to just wander around, maybe outside, talking about my dressing and fantasies, maybe being made to feel embarrassed about what I admit to. Could I then, finally, 'pleasure' myself ? I'm sure I'd like to stay for at least 3 hours. Thank you Keith aka Tina


Hi Stephanie

I was looking at your website a few weeks ago and can't stop thinking about a fetish I have and whether you would accommodate it I am 35 and would love to be dressed as a school girl, stockings, suspender belt, skirt and silky blouse and make up and then for you to be the head mistress and cane me and make me do anything you want and then finishing with a vibrator up my bum whilst making me feel humiliated.  Could you let me know if you can do this and what the charge would be as I can't remember seeing a price thanks very much Kind regards  Matt Edwards ( Helen)


Mistress Stephanie

I was wondering if you'd do the following blackmail and humiliation escort booking. I was hoping that I could give you some details to blackmail me with before the session so when I turn you can immediately take control of me.I have always wanted to be dressed up. I'd like you to make me strip and turn me into a girl for you wearing lingerie, a dress and big bra - you can put balloons in with some water. I would need to wear a wig of course - so you supply that? I would like Then make me strut about outside with a handbag wearing stiletto shoes then tie me to the bed and take photos of me, use a small vibe on my arse and tease me anyway you want. Kneel over my face and piss on me. Then untie me and threaten me with the photos. Make me do humiliating things like cut a hole in a water melon and screw it? I pretty much would like you to use this as a guide but change wherever you like to keep me guessing. I think I'd give almost anything a go. By the way, I have a nylon fetish.Thanks William from Walsall


Dear Stephanie,

Just a quick email to confirm details for my appointment this Friday, March 2nd. I would be most grateful if we could meet at 9am and commence the scenario asap. My fervent hope is that my suggested scenario will have me force cross dressed in female lingerie with undersized genitals tied up in ribbon and being hauled over a strict business womens nylon clad lap. Once across your knee I look forward to having my bottom bared and undergoing a combination of spanking and humiliating fondling. I will call you tomorrow to confirm location details. Regards




































Lingerie Cross

















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Transsexual Silhouette

She Male



She Male


Futanari Teens is not your..