Dear Stephanie,

My name is Lee and I have just stumbled across you fantastic website and felt compelled to contact you. I am 30 years old and have only discovered my love of nappies and light punishment in the past 2 years - although I suspect they have been there all along! A few months ago, I began to search for a lady to help me explore these ideas but alas although they're seem to be a multitude of Websites out there, no one really inspired me. Until that is I found your site! I really hope that you will allow me to visit you but being a complete novice I'm afraid I have no idea how to arrange it - guidelines please! I would be delighted if I could come to see you. Could you please tell me if you supply nappies or do I need to bring my own. The idea of wearing one of the terry towelling fastened with nappy pins finishing off with elasticised rubber pants would be wonderful!
I also have a few ideas/fantasies that I hope we can incorporate into our meeting, would it be ok to email you these ideas?
Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon, Lee

Dear Mummy Stephanie

My name is Baby Angela, a big, 55 year old, submissive rubber baby from south east London.

I enjoy being dressed in rubber panties, nappies and big sissy girl dresses whilst in the care of a loving, but strict Nanny or Mummy. I would like to find out more, please, about visiting you for a session in your nursery and about the costs and conditions etc. As I would be travelling from LondonI wondered whether overnight sessions are possible? Alternatively, could I come for a nice long afternoon session, say for around 5 or 6 hours

Please be kind enough to e-mail me details of all that is offered for adult babies, including what equipment is in the nursery, i.e. cot, high-chair, play-pen, etc? Also, what other related items do you have for disciplining naughty babies like me? I'm afraid to say that my tantrums occur fairly frequently and I always need to given a good over-the-knee spanking or perhaps something more severe such as a good caning, whilst secured over a punishment bench. I look forward to hearing from you regarding visits, with details of your costs, and of whereabouts you are located so that I can check out train times and the best station to book to etc.
Thank you for your help and assistance.
Yours respectfully.

David.(Baby Angela

    Dear Mummy Stephanie
I am interested in arranging an appointment with you for 2 hours. I'm an adult baby girl and need to be looked after by a mummy. I noticed your listing not only as you offer the service but also because I like my mummies to have breasts like yours and you have a nice face. I have been an AB for many years and have visited several Mummies over the past 15 years. I'm impeccably behaved, well educated and a gent.
I hope you can come back to me and suggest some dates. I can do any time this week
      Love Joseph ( Annabell )
           Mistress Stephanie

Hi never done this thing before but really thinking about giving it a try. I would love to be dressed as a baby (sad or what!) I would love for you to read me nursery rhymes whilst I'm sucking a dummy. Could you then dress me up in silky underwear and do some very light bondage as im a beginner - make me wear a gag and blindfold. As humiliation how about shoving some cake into my face- I live near a bakery and can bring some along that are fresh. Hope to hear back from you soon Mistress! Thanks Andy

Baby Ruth Kidderminster
Dear Mummy Stephanie

As you know I live in my flat as Baby Poppy but when I go out I am dressed as a lady dressed nicely with my wig and wearing a little make up - a bit like leading 2 lives really.I have been on the look out for a hairdressers that had personnel skilled in the washing and care of wigs, and when I have strolled through the door of a premises that possessed of member of staff that was experienced I had felt so intimidated I wouldn't wish to darken their door ever again! On the subject of washing, cutting, and styling my wigs a petite young lady called "Hazel" explained that this would cost me £35.00 for an appointment, ordinarily that would not be a problem but she had then added that it would set me back £1,000 just to have my wigs repaired.

Steiff Jointed Teddy Bear -  Hannes Steiff Jointed Teddy Bear

Finally she said it would be better for me to buy a new one as though she believed that it was a trifling sum of money for me to fork out for me to buy hairpieces, and recounting a phrase my folks used to tell me "I'm not made of money". After hearing all this I had walked out of this establishments feeling rather shattered, after finishing a soft drink in a restaurant called "The Big Catch" of whom the staff therein know me well I just broke down in tears in their presence, told all to them what had happened to cause me upset, and then telephoned for a mini-cab from a pay-phone in the main post office in Beckenham to ferry e back to my  flat. 

       Hugs Baby Poppy        


                                           Dear Mummy

 I would feel more like a baby, moreover readily pop a dummy in my little mouth if I wore a baby bonnet and an adult-sized "Pampers" nappy. Could mummy pretty please tell me if you are sending them this week. Baby Poppy shall see mummy still loves her! You are so kind Mummy - you have so many babies to look after.
                             Baby Hugs from Baby Poppy
                              Dearest Mistress / Mummy
                              Thanks for the swift reply,

As you were nice enough to tolerate my request I'll give You a few more details. What i would like is for you to be the one responsible for keeping me in nappies, and want to know why I'm always aroused whilst you are checking that I'm still wearing my nappy.I would like you to give me a minute to see if I can't relax' if you will, but failing to do so because you keep checking the front of my nappy (on the outside) Feeling for my erection that is made worse every time you 'check' The only thing left to do is to spank me over your knee whilst my nappy is off



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You will see I have added some lighthearted information about  my role as Mummy Stephanie to show there is also an element of fun - something that the 'Real World ' doesn't show very often

I have also added some real and genuine email's I have received over the past years I hope you enjoy reading them as I have reading them - giving you more insight to this misunderstood way of life for Adult Babies. The emails are all genuine with all original text.    

 I have added a few from one of my pre-op Transexual clients (TS) Baby Poppy who lives her / his life as an Adult Baby whilst at home and Cross - Dresses to venture outside as a female. I thought it would give you some more insight to this particular way of living ones life with emails from Baby Poppy and others who I've been corresponding with for many years.     



With all of the stresses and worries of life do you sometimes wish that you could go back in time you had no responsibilities, craved and fantasised   being able to go back to infancy time once more perhaps just for a little while I've been seeing my A/B for many years - all just ordinary people like you and I - some living a lonely life on their own and crave mothering and affection. Others who lead a very hectic life with a great deal of responsibility and they sometimes feel the need to go back in time occasionally




What is Infantilism?

This  is the desire to be a baby. Even with the Internet and TV shows about Infantilism is still widely misunderstood

Adult Babies enjoy wearing adult sized baby clothes such as rompers, footed sleepers. Some even enjoy bottles, baby toys, dummies  and baby food.

There are deep and lasting urges with a specific focus on nappies and/or babyhood. .

A fly on the wall documentary  aired recently on channel 4  shows how fully-grown adults choose to embrace an alter ego that allows them to have their nappies changed, dress in a baby- gro and be looked after like an infant.

The programme provided an unforgettable glimpse of the adult baby phenomenon, which according to the Mail Online, has already yielded its first sightings on this side of the pond.

They also say for some, the return to babyhood is an escape from the demands and pressures of adult life. “When I put a nappy on it takes me back to that time when I had no stress,” one of my clients told me.

An adult baby is someone who enjoys regressing and adopting the roles of a child or baby for emotion support or nurturing.  




Sometimes my clients come along with their own A/B clothes and accessories, but those who don't have I can supply most requirements such as nappies - disposable - powder, bottles and dummies.

And now little insight as to how your time will be spent with Mummy

Mummy will start by taking off your 'real time' clothes and dressing you in your rompers nappy and bonnet for some playtime. Mummy will then give you a nice warm bath with some baby bubble bath and your rubber duckies. Mummy will then dry you with a nice warm towel. Once dried and powdered Mummy will  then put you into your nappy & 'Jim-jams' then give you some eggy-weggy with soldiers Then you can have a nice bottle of milky-wilky


Then  we can choose a favourite book for story time then we can sing some nursery rhymes

then it's time for a little nap before it's home time. Some times my A/B's get a little upset and can't wait to come back to see their Mummy Stephanie again.  

Mummy will get you dressed into your ' real time ' clothes  then it will be goodbye to Mummy until the next time

  Mummy loves taking care of good babies


sometimes Mummy has to deal with naughty boys and ruffians

(Grown Men) these   are turned into Sissy Nappy Boys!

Now then have you been a Naughty Boy?





Hi Mumsy

Stephy Remember me? We spoke last week!

As yet, no fire flood or famine in sight, so as promised, can I verify our appointment for Tuesday 27th at around 10.30am in the morning if this is still okay with you! I really am in need of mummy taking charge of a naughty toddler - been up to all sorts - drawing on walls, cleaning the loo with daddies toothbrush   then trying to flush the cat!  Only fair to warn you though, I'm 56, greying somewhat, and carrying a few extra pounds although not really overweight. I hope that this is okay with you?If when we meet however, you feel that you would rather not entertain me, please save my feelings with some excuse. - Such as...."I have to visit my sick aunty in hospital"You never know, I might even believe you!If you could e.mail me with your post code,at least It will give me a rough idea which way to head, but I will give you a ring about 9.00 next Tuesday for for more specific directions. I look forward to meeting you!
                Love James Rees-Jones

             Dear Mummy Stephanie

 Anyone that is in my situation would understand that it is wicked by immense proportions that in order to live a reasonable quality of life I've got to pay hundreds of pounds for specially made wigs! Despite the manufacturers based at "Mile End" sending me written instructions on how to care for my hairpieces I've ruined two of them and now I've only got ONE left! Honestly my dear mummy I don't know how I manage to keep going, and I now feel that I desperately need to vacate my current address because if I live somewhere better these recent disasters with my hairpieces wouldn't ever have occurred! Finally both Beckenham and Penge have to form 'the backside of the South East' and I don't where else in this country that I settle down in just as long as I'm happy. In conclusion my local G.P's practice has a plaque erected to a Dr. John Fry {1922-94} of whom he had amounted to have been 'a legalised serial killer' and on occasions when I had attempted to seek his help, he had a   prescribed me tranquillizers!   living in Bridgnorth, and being like yourself living but a stones throw from "The Severn Valley Railway" would be for me like a beautiful dream from all the nightmares I've had

                                       Baby Poppy sends Mummy all her love


Dear Mummy Stephanie
My name is Baby Angela, a big, 55 year old, submissive rubber baby from south East London. I enjoy being dressed in rubber panties, nappies and big sissy girl dresses whilst in the care of a loving, but strict Nanny or Mummy.  I would like to find out more, please, about visiting you for a session in your nursery and about the costs and conditions etc.  As I would be travelling from London, I wondered whether overnight sessions are possible?  Alter natively, could I come for a nice long afternoon session, say for around 5 or 6 hours?
Please be kind enough to e-mail me details of all that is offered for adult babies, including what equipment is in the nursery, i.e. cot, high-chair, play-pen, etc?  Also, what other related items do you have for disciplining naughty babies like me?  I'm afraid to say that my tantrum s occur fairly frequently and I always need to given a good over-the-knee spanking or perhaps something more severe such as a good caning, whilst secured over a punishment bench.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding visits, with details of your costs, and of whereabouts you are located so that I can check out train times and the best station to book to etc.
Yours respectfully  Baby Angela




    Hello Mummy Stephanie

I am very interested in enforced babying. I perused both your Strict I'm Mistress page and your AB page and I was wondering if you combine these elements. For instance, I am not so much into the soothing, nurturing style of baby treatment, but mention of snivelling wimps and humiliation on your strict page does appeal to me. Is it possible to be totally ridiculed through nappy domination. I really would like a very belittling experience, possibly like being made to stand on a stool with my plastic pants and nappy around my ankles and being ordered to make hips jerk and my little limp genitalia dance about for 'Nanny's' amusement. Or made to hump a pillow. Or something equally degrading to perform for me - and entertaining to watch for you? Is potty
I am genuinely very interested and would appreciate any information.
Sam - (aka Todd


   Dear Stephanie

I have just returned from holiday and seen your latest message. Thank you for making such a delightful comment and especially thank you for the picture of the pretty little teddy bear. Isn’t he sweet! Actually, I keep a collection of teddies in my bedroom and sometimes, when I am feeling lonely,`take one to bed for a cuddle. I realise that I am behaving like a little boybut I still maintain, at 56, a strong childlike element in my nature. Iimagine it is partly why I have always been so submissive. There is a aspectof me that has never grown up - and never will.

        Love  Toddler  Timmy 



I've informed you that I had been nicking and wearing my younger sister's bras practically from day one that she had become needing of them, the dreaded thought of one or both becoming unstuck from my chest in public, and then ending hitting the pavement with a splat would mean I'd never be able to hold my head up in Penge again! So "to be sure" as the Irish say I would continue wearing a bra up to the moment that I've got 'proper ones' but I won't unfortunately be able to breast-feed an infant though which must give me the visualisation of a pub with no beer


                       Dear Mummy / Mistress Stephanie

I still have a marked arse. but the only remaining marks are fromyour hand spanker thing - what us Adult Babies have to put up with! I expect them gone by the end of the weekend. Im using lots of hand cream! I will be due a further naughty baby session in around 6 weeks I will be passing through to Wrexham.Many thanks Mummy - Jolly Hockey- Sticks! Baby Diddums ( Rob )

Dear Mummy Stephanie
You're cute little darling wishes to go to bedy-byes feeling like she's a real baby whilst she is with her "Teddy Bears" and sucking away on one of her "Beatrix Potter" dummies so please mummy could you dispatch those adult sized "Pampers" and baby bonnet when mummy finds the time to do this.It would be nice to have some new mittens to match the bonnet - that would be bliss!
My Most Warm Fondest Hugsfrom Devon )
Hello Mummy Stephanie
As I had sat my sweet little behind in front of my computer at approximately five-twenty am this morning I had examined my 'boobs' to say mummy that I'm getting something of the beginnings of nipples! I've been swallowing those hormone medication tables since the sixteenth of August 1999 so I should be feeling the effects of putting up a good front by now, and how much I would long for the day when I could bin those pair of 'fossilized bloomonges' that I currently carry about in my bra because they irritate me!

"Second-hand Rose, they call me second-hand Rose, that's why they call me second-Rose!" Remember that popular music number from way back when mummy {gosh, mummy you've told me loads of times how I make you feel old!} because that sounds like an individual that always buys her stuff in charity shops, and these falsies when new could have easily set me back around £500.00 quid for a pair! I had originally received my pair of 'way out of their sell by date puddings' from another transsexual called "Annabel", and they were showing signs of splitting even then to the extent now of becoming goowey {yuk!}
So now I've placed them into a couple of freezer bags which is the cause of my discomfort, and there's a now facility I've been told that falsies can be fastened to my chest.


     Hello Mummy Stephanie

I am would really like to be turned into a tiny baby maybe force fed or punished for not wetting my nappy fast enough for mummy maybe a humiliated by mummy and generally treated like a baby is this something that would be possible? what sort of time period would it be over what other types of things would you do / expect from baby? Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon Take care Rodney xx ( From Wrexham)



Dear Mummy Stephanie,

A couple of orthodontic dummies, larger teat and shied that are suitable for a toddler mummy, because those you bought for my birthday last year where for new born babies - these were too small for me. Two babies rattles as well mummy with little mirrors in them if possible so you're baby Poppy is able to see what a good baby girl she is Love & Hugs  Mummy Stephanie
Your Baby Poppy .( Joe )



                Hello StephanieI write as a shy 48 year old who is married! I have always dreamt of being back in time to be able to dress as an adult baby with soft and understanding mummy. I never realized this could be a possibility until I found your web site. I also love wearing panties under my outer cloths but my wife would certainly freak at that and even worsemy writing to you...
I have spent some time looking at the various internet adds over time and I always keep coming back to yours!