I am very easy-going and I love to smile

and laugh. With exceptional manners

I pride myself in creating a relaxed

atmosphere with my clients


I am a non smoker. I am anti-illicit

substances, please don’t bring

these to my home. Also If you’re

wanting rough stuff – I am

not the service provider

for you.



Success is not final, failure is not

is not fatal it is the courage

to continue that counts. All

the great things are simple

and many can be

expressed in

single words

Courage - Determination & Faith

( In Yourself)




Remember! Seduction isn't making

someone do what they don't want

to do! Seduction is enticing someone

into doing what they secretly

want to do already!



I like my clients to enjoy their sessions

with me no matter what the scenario.




l always hope that my clients to leave

here thinkingit was brilliant, one

ofthe besttimes they ever had!

Be itintelligent conversation

or just pure naughty




I'm a good conversationalist.

I'm very easy to get along

with & provide a very 

sensual & unrushed

   discreet service!



in need of some soothing gentle TLC

for the tired and weary with all

life's pressures?



Worked Hard? I have a very soft gentle

& understanding nature. I offer ALL regular

personal services along with a lovely sensual

no rush erotic sensual massage from top to toe!



Or perhaps feeling rather fed up and

unloved? being nagged at home?

Stressed out with work

with your horrid boss?

mother-in-law in your




Relaxation with my Aromatherapy

   Lavender & soft music to sooth

       even more! How about some

           Pampering and Unrushed              

Sensual Massage!




I have soft. caressing hands & finger tips &

magic hands I will make your toes curl!

I have the most wonderful Party Piece!




Personal Hygiene


My turn offs:


BO - Bad manners, bad language,

negativity& poor hygiene

I do appreciate clients with good personal

hygiene - Fresh as a daisy! Not '' Wiffy

'' Smelling as if you have ''Just been to a Dung-Heap''


My turn ons:

Someone who is driven and intelligent

and stimulating conversations

with alovely aroma

of quality after



I will do my utmost to make you feel as

comfortableas possible and to provide

the ultimate satisfaction

that you desire.



I know that no two encounters are the same

and so I can exclusively design my service

to cater personally for your individual

requirements. A down to earth free spirit

with a vibrant personality, entertaining

and educated I offer services from

mild to wild.


My ideal person

The ideal person for me is interested

in atmosphere, compatibility and

attraction. The service I provide

for the affluent and discerning

gentlemen is first-class.


My aim is to give full satisfaction,

a must in every job, if it'sworth

doing it must be done well! I'm

veryeasy toget along with and

provide afriendly,passionate

and un-rushed service



, Imbeciles & Pansies



I am exceedingly spiteful and dominant 

I and very experienced with the use of my

canes, floggers, paddles and whips






I will humiliate you about the small size

of your pathetic cock. .


I tell you that your testicles resemble dried

up prunes I may also include skipping in

the nude with your cock and bollocks

tied upin a pretty bow with ribbon

depending on my



I may choose to make you go up and down the room / patioon al fours to cock your leg, wag your

tail and bark wearing your underpants on

your head in the nude- again depending

on my mood! .....




I really hope you enjoy looking through my website! I've been plodding away with it for 20yrs. It's very different to most sites you see throughout the Internet! I've always wanted to be different. You will probably read though in stages! I've tried to show you all the services that are available for each page giving you an insight to the fetish scene. I've now discovered Balloon & Ballet fetishes! I even have a client with a watch fetish bringing many for me to wear - so will be adding another page shortly.. ... All very interesting, hence I'm sharing with all who discover my website, for which I find rather flattering! - I receive wonderful comments so thank you, much appreciated!





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*** Stephanie's Domain ***


***  Email  ***


If for any reason you are unable to contact me

please let me know

Multiple Sensual Pleasures for Good Boys!

Smacked Botties for Naughty Boys!




Independent Escort


Shropshire *  Staffordshire ** West Midlands

Just 15 / 20mns


Telford * Wolverhampton * Bridgnorth *

  M54  j 3/ 4 / 5

45mns Birmingham

WV15 5NT


This is my own home situated in a

* Rural Location * Safe * Private * Discreet Parking *

* No Neighbours 1/4 mile *




01746 783149

07736357914  / 07730956412



If you need to relax and unwind after a

stressful day my unique girl friend

experience includes a sensuous

full body massage



I thoroughly enjoy pampering my clients

trying my best to relax and enjoy

good conversationalist I'm

very easy to get along with

and provide a friendly,

passionate and







You will find some easy directions to

find me on my


Contact Me Page







01746 783149 /   07736357914


WV15 5NT



 If you are looking for the sensory and physical

    joys of both Personal Services and fetishes

then I'm the lady!



As you enter my web site you will see I've

designed  pages for all  my various services

Over the years I have received many email's

which I have kept and would like to share

them with you on my new pages

''Humerous Emails ''

Totally priceless!



                I am one of those women who makes

              you feel relaxed,content and special.

I can help you achieve the satisfaction

you seek in ways that words

cannot adequately describe.

I will do my utmost to make

you feel as comfortable as

 possible and to provide

the ultimate satisfaction

that you desire. 



I know that no two encounters are the same

so I can exclusively design my service

to cater personallyfor your

  individual requirements.


You will see on this page I have tried show

youabout the wide range of services I can

offer- but if there is something not listed

you feelI may be able to help you with, I've

probably heard it all before! Don't be

afraid to ask, the worst thing I

can dois say no!I'm sure I

willunderstand your needs

and will try my best very

 best to satisfy be it

sensual massage

or fetish




I have techniques that will astonish you!

I always try my best! I have a very calming

effect making you feel relaxed very soon!

I am sophisticated and down to

earth, yet still not afraid of my naughty





I am quite used to clients arriving to see me

who have never visited a lady such as myself

before, arriving feeling very nervous

andrather awkward. Being an ex-nurse

from many years ago I have always

been a 'people person' Hopefully

you will leave with a big smile

on your face wondering what

you were feeling so nervous




will make you completely at ease! My sensuality

is a gift and I want to share it with discerning

and willing gentlemen. For the affection,

intimacy and hot spice you may be

missing at home is just a phone

call away



if you are interested to try some thing new

please dont be shy just ask! Surprise me!

Various fetishes are available for those

who do enjoy, newbies or simply

curiousso why not come and

putyour toe in thewater and

exploredon't worry

I don't bite unless

of course you ask

me to!


I Multi - Task!!

 Not only do I have a very caring,

soft & gentle nature I can also show A

very bossy, strict and dominating

attitude!I can become

Mistress Spankies!

Only For Naughty Boys




Being Multi-Tasked

I can also have

A very bossy, strict and dominating attitude!




Remember when you were young and you had to 

be disciplined for something you did wrong?

Slapped on the legs, standing in the corner

Spanked over the knee? Even though you

had to take your punishment to teach you

a lesson,your peers telling you it would

hurt them more than you and it's for

your own good? You know what?

They were telling great Big fibs!


Enter my site




Enter Leave

For individual Pages

Adult Baby

Contact Me

Cross Dressing

Sensual Massage

Mistress Spankies

Humerous Emails

Humerous Email's




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I love to let my true personality shine

through. For this reason I ask that

initial contact is precise, a little

information about you works





Thank you for taking a few minutes to

glance through my website. It's

very flattering to have caught

your attention!



I regard myself as  sophisticated

and down to earth, yet still not

afraid of my naughty




I offer no rush appointments

I never double book. I do occasionally

have so called clients make appointments

and then don't turn up but that's the 'name

ofthe game There are many sad people

in society who haven't anything better

to doluckily that doesn't

happen very




I strive to make every encounter an

opportunity for a friendship, and the time

we spend together extremely memorable!



I am busty, sexy, well educated

and sophisticated professional Escort

offering most regular Personal Service

I will make you toes curl - trust me!



I am the ideal companion for

gentlemen looking for some

chill timefrom the stresses

of modern life. I enjoy

most aspects of adult

fun including role



I'm very quick witted with

a wonderful sense of




I never 'rush' clients but, sometimes,

if they haven't an awful lot of time in

In which case I always offer a longer

appointment next time they come

to see me - many do!



I am a very sensual lady but have a

sense of mischievousness , passion and

relaxed style that will make you feel

completely at ease



I'm very genuine lady and always try my

very best when I spend time with my

clients. I love to have fun and I'm not

easily fazedI will make you

completely at ease!



have a very bubbly, friendly personality

with a mischievous smile Let me tickle

your fancy!




Maiden Aunt


Naughty Nephew!



I could become your maiden aunt who takes

  care of you in school holidays. I wear my

hairscraped into a tight bun and peering

at you overhorn rimmed spectacles,

feeding you with 'neverending

meat loaf and telling you that

'' it'good for you'' ........



Cross Dressing


I've been interested in the

Femdom scene for a

number of years

and I've honed

my skills to



Over the past number of years I have met a great

number of clients who enjoy cross dressing for

various reasons and many still come back time

 and time again. Manyare Transvestite's (TV's)

  who love dressing in both lingerie

and full Cross Dressing makeover.



They adore the sensual feeling of being 'feminin'ne

'for a while in privacy. Most of my clients are in

relationships andfinditverydifficultfindingsomewhere

 that is both privateand discreet to fulfil  their desire

for wear prettysoft lingerie hence the importance

of my role! Why not give it a try

spending some'quality time'





Adult Baby


With all of the stresses and worries of life do you

sometimes wish that you could go back in

time you had no responsibilities,craved

and fantasised beingable to go back to

infancy timeonce more perhaps just

for a littlewhile




You will see on my adult baby page I have

added some lighthearted information

about my role as Mummy Stephanie

to show there is also an element

of fun - something that the'

Real World ' doesn't

show very often





I am your headmistress who takes great delight

caning naughty disruptive schoolboys who

once again failed to finish their homework

in time..



I'm much inclined t

o the Spartan regime of

the old traditions of education.

As we can see in Britain today,

tolerance andleniencysimply

encouragesun-ruliness and

insolence. Austerityinstils

gooddiscipline. A simple

answer to all of today's



I cane you and you count each

stroke either 6 or 12 times depending

on the severity of your Behaviour........

Enforced Exercise
















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